Greener than green

Our purpose built premises are a BREEAM Category ‘A’ building constructed with our development partner Red Sun projects, as we drive to be as Eco Friendly as possible.

During 2011 it became apparent that something was happening with the climate, global floods were on the news almost daily. This was brought closer to home in early 2014 by the catastrophic weather that hit the UK.

As a company committed to environmentally friendly manufacturing, using less energy, and lowering our consumption of resources will always be an important focus of what we do as a company committed to environmentally friendly manufacturing, so we started to look at our ‘carbon footprint’. It became apparent that the biggest footprint to us is our factory and our manufacturing processes.

An action plan was formulated for our new purpose built factory, and we started by ensuring every element that could be low carbon would be implemented from sourcing our products to creating our products for our client base.

All our lighting in the factory was installed with LED systems that only operated when natural light was insufficient within the workplace, we worked closely with Liverpool University who researched for a low carbon innovative solution for lighting and heating of the premises using green energy supply to ensure we were able to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum.

Our supply chain was restructured to allow for fewer deliveries by working with our main suppliers to have a consignment system in place for our materials wherever possible and to merge orders where consignment wasn’t available, this drastically reduced the number of deliveries from a daily basis to one main delivery per month for our consignment and replenishment and delivery of other materials at a vastly reduced amount also reducing office administration of paperwork.

Our Logistics department schedule all outgoing deliveries to be carbon neutral wherever possible and wherever we can we ensure all installation and deliveries are scheduled geographically to reduce and limit the number of journeys made.

We use eco friendly materials and products wherever available and purchase from companies who are accredited to ISO Environmental standards

Our Environmental work has not stopped there. 95% of our general waste is recycled and 99% of our plastic waste is again recycled. We have assisted West Kirby Grammar School for Girls with waste materials that they have been able to use within their Design Technology Department. We recycle all our empty ink cartridges with the ‘Let’s Do More Scheme’ and work with other local businesses in the community to recycle packaging materials wherever possible.

As a company we are acutely aware of our impact on the environment and are constantly looking at other ways we can implement further changes that will benefit the environment, for us it is an ongoing and evolving process that will not stop, and we endeavor to keep our processes as ecofriendly as we can.

If you have any collaborative ideas on how we can work together to reduce our environmental impact, we will be only too pleased to discuss your ideas.

Our company ethos is to reduce, re-use, and recycle wherever possible and to be a solution to the problem not part of the pollution.

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